Saturday, February 18, 2012

Training2012 Conference - My Capsule Review

I attended Training2012 this past week in Atlanta and got my brain filled up. Here’s my impressionistic review:
  • The next frontier of e-learning may be “Computer as Tutor.” Learned from the keynote by Omar Watsow   For example, see Codeacademy.

  • Training is selling change. The selling, motivating aspect must be included in the design. Learned from Carolyn S. Balling in Making Training Stick.

  • Excellent session by Ray Jimmenez  on e-learning for technical training. Provide the most important 20% of the content in e-learning modules that are quick to navigate, and the rest as reference material (“Give them a PDF.”) To find that key 20%, look at user application points: what is key to performance? What must they learn to do readily vs. what can they look up when they need it?

  • Training is helping people to reach their potential, to become their best. Leaned from Vicki Halsey in Brilliance by Design.

  • Mobile is getting there, but it is more about electronic support and refresher training than about delivering courseware.

  • The buzzword of the week was…Gamification.

  • Great job by Greg Owen-Boger of Turpin Communications, teaching us how to move from handheld, shaky camera video to professional looking talking-head productions.

  • At Duke University they have a monkey walking on a treadmill with his brain impulses monitored. The brain signals are sent over the Internet to Japan where they drive a monkey robot to walk. The impulses reach the robot in Japan faster than they reach the leg muscles of the monkey on the treadmill. What does this have to do with training? No idea, but it sure is interesting.